Independent Quality Engineering and Software Testing Services.

UnionStack believes in 'Prevention Over Inspection'. We undertake QA Testing services as an integral part of every software project. Hire QA experts from UnionStack who are proficient in multiple software testing services using various tools and technologies. Our QA experts deliver successful solutions with minimizing risks.

UnionStack helps you deliver quality software and to provide your end customers with the best experience

Web application and website testing validate the solutions` smooth functioning, proper render in target environments, stability, security, and robust data sharing with integrated systems. UnionStack has been providing thorough functional, integration, compatibility, performance, and security testing of web solutions with diverse tech and architectural complexity. We provide full-cycle testing activities: from test strategy and plan design to test cases` development and execution to ensure optimal test coverage and high quality of your web solution.

We are high achievers who make sure your product works perfectly and improves your customers` life

We help define quality goals, then we thoroughly examine each of them and define a set of steps to take to increase the quality of your software, so that it meets its performance requirements. Quality in our delivery paradigm stands for “a solution which perfectly fits the client`s business objectives”.

Manual Testing

In manual testing, the quality assurance team checks product performance, user interface, and ease of use on a variety of devices. Manual testing helps identify vulnerabilities that cannot be detected automatically and provides personal feedback on the appearance of the product.

Manual testing benefits your project:

You can detect issues related to ease of use and the user interface (which cannot be identified by automated testing).

  • Enable practical test results for newly developed, yet unstable software
  • Adds humanity to the testing process and helps you understand the overall user experience at an emotional level.
  • Helps find bottlenecks during early development.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a long-term investment in product success. Covers all possible software feature scenarios and validates performance on multiple platforms in parallel. By combining manual and automated testing, you can reduce the time to market and satisfy your customers with the perfect product.

Benefits of automated testing of projects:

  • Completely perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks, saving time and resources
  • Eliminate human error and make the software testing process easier and more reliable
  • Make it easy for engineers to run tests anytime, anywhere, and record test results

Web Testing Services We Offer

You'll love the results we can get you

Usability testing
Our team checks how convenient your web application, website, or portal is for end users, identifies usability issues, and advises on improvements to help you deliver a product that answers your target audience`s usability expectations to the fullest.
Functional testing
We check if your web application works according to all technology and business requirements and report on identified issues.
Performance Testing
We test if your web solution works under any planned load, and reveal stress, load, scalability, and reliability issues in your solution. Compatibility testing, we identify if your website or web app flawlessly works in various environments: for example, on different devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and so on), across different operating systems, in different browsers, and so on.
Web Security Testing
With 10 years of experience in information security, we conduct source code reviews and penetration testing. By simulating hacking attacks and analyzing the behavior of your web solution under such conditions, you can close the security gap as soon as possible.
Web Test Automation
Our web test specialists use test automation best practices to ensure the high quality and improved performance of your web solutions. Use a keyword-driven and data-driven approach to automate functional, regression, and performance testing.
Accessibility Test
UnionStack test engineers validate websites or web apps against WCAG 2.1 and ADA standards, or other accessibility requirements, making it easier for people with disabilities to navigate.

3 Steps To Build Your Custom Team Of eCommerce Developers

  • 01

    Choose eCommerce Developers
    We have a team of 100+ eCommerce developers. You can interview and shortlist candidates from our in-house tech pool and decide who joins your team.
  • 02
    Integrate Team into Your Projects
    Our developers have now become a part of your team. They work dedicatedly for you, and you can communicate with them directly. You can start assigning them tasks and get daily updates along with a timesheet.
  • 03
    Scale On-demand
    We also let you scale on-demand, grow your team during high-volume periods, and ramp down team size when needed. In short, we make it easy for you at every step like a true partner on whom you can rely.

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