Customized solutions for the modern High-Profit eCommerce Websites.

Your goal is a streamlined, intuitive, and personalized experience. We'll ensure our e-commerce platform meets your needs while keeping your customers happy every step.

If your eCommerce website isn't set up correctly, it isn't going to bring you any money

Today's business world is competitive, and while it's relatively easy to get started, it's tough to rise to the top. Ecommerce services cover all technology-related needs of an eCommerce business. An eCommerce services provider, UnionStack offers a team of savvy business consultants and pro-coders to help our eCommerce clients with diverse challenges and business goals.


Make sure websites are high quality, safe, and reliable.


On-time and bug-free project delivery.


Personalized business apps.


Repeated client reporting.


Long-term development with a focus.


Post-purchase assistance

Reasons to Select Our eCommerce Solutions

Your business will suffer if your eCommerce website is improperly configured. A subpar eCommerce site won't make you any money. You'll probably pay for it. To start and succeed in an online business in today's world is not simple. We can assist. The UnionStack team can transform your online store into a profit-generating machine.

Consulting services for e-commerce

consulting for technology and market entry

  • pointing toward the best e-commerce platform.
  • We are investigating market possibilities, including target market and expansion prospects.
  • Researching the challenges of entering a market: rivals, game rules.

operational and business optimization consulting

  • accelerating sluggish business workflows.
  • We are creating a landscape for cross-system integration.
  • We are putting in place a data management plan for the entire company.
  • Reassessing your approach to the digital customer experience to improve business KPIs.

Modern eCommerce Solutions

Suppose you've heard of software as a service (SaaS). Were you starting? This choice is excellent for a new eCommerce website. An integrated product catalogue tool, a fully functional online shopping cart system, and a website that can be customized to reflect your company identity are all included.

Along with the benefits offered by a hosted solution, you can also get:

  • Microsoft or Open-Source technology
  • Programming specific application interfaces
  • Integration of product databases
  • Integration of legacy systems
  • Development of enterprise system integration
  • Total feature capacity and scaling


Magento offers possibilities for you if you have prior experience with eCommerce or know precisely what you want, Magento offers possibilities for you. Magento, the largest provider of eCommerce tools and software in the world today, provides two choices:
A free, open-source hosted solution is Magento Community.
Magento Enterprise— for more complex and expansive eCommerce needs
These are the services that we provide:
  • Design & Development of Magento eCommerce
  • Integrated Customized Magento Themes Design
  • Magento Online Store Development


The most popular WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, is free to download. It's free, loaded with features, and seamlessly integrated into your self-hosted WordPress website. It's also incredibly efficient.
These are the services that we provide:
  • Design and development for WooCommerce
  • The creation and integration of WooCommerce themes
  • WooCommerce-based results of online stores

We Can Tackle Your Ecommerce Issues

UnionStack, an e-commerce service provider, can fully satisfy your range of company needs and offers extensive e-commerce competencies.

Users on All Platforms
Our online store will function well on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You'll immediately become more profitable in addition to being able to be noticed by everyone using technology.
Quick & Simple Buying
We can provide you with a lightning-fast website because our developers blend tried-and-true procedures with cutting-edge techniques. This allows clients to quickly transition from browsing to checking out and increases the amount of money they make.
More successful marketing
We are a website building company, and the underpinning for our stores is WordPress. Our platform is made to assist you in improving the way you market your goods and establish more genuine connections with your target market. It offers a fantastic user experience, simplifies social media administration, and is straightforward.

A Custom Team of eCommerce Developers in 3 Easy Steps

  • 01

    Deciding on eCommerce developers
    Over 100 eCommerce developers work for our company. After conducting interviews with and shortlisting applicants from our internal tech pool, you can choose who joins your team.
  • 02
    Embrace Teamwork in Your Projects
    Your team has now included our developers. They devote time to serving you, and you can speak with them directly. You can start giving them assignments and get regular updates and a timesheet in return.
  • 03
    Scale As Needed
    We also provide you with the option to scale on demand, expand your team during times of high volume, and ramp down team size when necessary. In other words, we make things simple for you at every turn, acting as a reliable partner.

Let’s Transform Your Idea into Reality

Every grand creation starts with an idea which is the most important part of a project. Share it with us, we will assist you to cultivate them for a masterpiece.