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From on-premises to public clouds, our solutions and skills help you realize your DevOps teams' full potential.

How we works

Three Steps to Building a Custom DevOps Engineer Team

03 Steps

01. First, choose DevOps engineers
More than 100 DevOps engineers work on our team. After conducting interviews with and shortlisting applicants from our internal tech pool, you may select who joins your team.
02. Include Team Members in Your Projects
Your team now includes one of our engineers. They devote time to serving you, and you may speak with them. You may start giving them assignments and receive regular updates and a timesheet in return.
03. Scale On-Demand, third
We also allow you to scale on demand, expand your team during times of high volume, and gradually decrease team size as necessary. In other words, we make it simple for you at every turn, acting as a reliable partner.

DevOps Consulting Services

With the aid of our DevOps experts, you may create and coordinate your software components.

Environmental Settings
AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud server environment setup is a specialty of our DevOps services organization. Your servers are set up for the best load balancing, ensuring consistency and saving you time.

Evaluation & Analysis
To assist you in picking the best DevOps model, suitable technological frameworks, and bottlenecks, our team of expert analysts assesses the creation and operation of your IT infrastructure and performs a thorough audit.
Services for DevOps
To assist you in achieving reliable, secure, and accessible server infrastructures, we provide DevOps services with the most exemplary methodologies and develop roadmaps.

Complete Testing
Our DevOps services carry out end-to-end DevOps testing, which entails regression and functionality tests and validation of environment configuration to guarantee that each piece of information is passed between various software components within the system efficiently and effectively.

Automatic Disposition
Our DevOps experts are adept at automating your delivery pipeline for flawless deployments and rollbacks across IT processes. With the help of our DevOps consulting services, you can safely transition your IT infrastructure to the cloud, split your powerful business software into self-sufficient services, resolve issues, and roll out new features.
Support Services
Our highly dependable DevOps Solutions assist you in implementing DevOps best practices, moving your IT to the cloud, and outlining improvements based on your IT performance and load testing reports to facilitate the smooth and trouble-free performance of your IT infrastructure within the DevOps framework.

Get more value from your DevOps application.

Legacy applications are as costly as decommissioning, but they are expensive to maintain, require considerable resources to support, and cannot quickly adapt to changing business needs. This technical debt prevents companies from transforming their businesses and achieving their goals. Most Legacy Applications of Modernization are designed to meet specific needs or work in particular environments. This lack of flexibility often means it is not fully compatible with the latest platforms and APIs. Organizations must identify and remove barriers to modernizing legacy applications to keep them up to date.


The Unionstack Software Development DevOps Services we provide give you the flexibility and the ability to customize the underlying code and improve its quality. Our advanced software and application development tools make it easy for your technical and non-technical teams to examine the inner workings and make actionable decisions.

Frequently asked questions

DevOps is a set of cultural concepts, processes, and tools that improves an organization's capacity to produce high-volume applications and services.

Software development operations are managed by DevOps engineers, who use engineering tools and an understanding of the software development process to speed up software upgrades and creation.

As previously stated, the DevOps methodology for software development necessitates frequent, incremental modifications, and DevOps Engineers rarely write code from scratch.

The essential purpose of DevOps is to improve the flow of value from the concept to the end-user. A company's culture must change for DevOps to be successful; thus, culture is a key priority, but DevOps' purpose is to make value delivery more efficient and effective.

Our DevOps services include choosing the best DevOps model, configuring the environment using Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, performing end-to-end DevOps testing, integrating continuous integration, automating IT processes' deployment, maintaining and monitoring DevOps, providing dependable support, and providing DevOps consulting.

We use robust technologies to power rich websites. The appropriate tech stack entirely depends on your project requirements. For the server-side, we use PHP, Laravel, Django, CodeIgniter, Yii, Ruby on Rails, Python, CakePHP, Node.js, Symfony, etc. For front-end development, we use jQuery, React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, etc. For eCommerce, we use Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. For CMS, we use WordPress, Drupal, and Statamic.

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